Become a Partner

Sponsorship opportunity

For the companies and organizations that are looking to expand their data capability with both internal and external talent pool, we would like to discuss Corporate Sponsorship Opportunity. Not only we offer training to your professionals but also give you visibility and access to a selected group of highly qualified students and professionals willing to move into data science and looking for new opportunities.

Whether you are a service provider, a production company or IT company, who have decided to make better use of their data to drive their decision making and forecasting, we would like to hear from you and discuss your talent needs.

Data Science Summer School will culminate in a Final Competition among teams, where the companies will be able to both offer challenges and serve as mentors and judges to get a more organic acquaintance with participating students.

How the Funds will be used

We will use the funds provided by sponsors to establish special prizes, to attract also qualified students who cannot afford to pay the fee and hold events popularizing Data Science Career.

What perks and benefits the Corporate Sponsors get

We’ve enclosed a table detailing benefits available for Corporate Sponsors based on the level of commitment you want to choose.

Please feel free to contact us to further discuss potential sponsorship opportunities and to learn more about the Date Since Summer School and The Akian College of Science and Engineering.