About AUA

Why AUA?

The American University of Armenia (AUA) is a U.S.-accredited graduate institution affiliated with the University of California. AUA offers programs that are intended to develop critical analysis and depth of knowledge through advanced coursework, independent study, and research.

By offering its instructional programs in English, AUA strives to make these programs accessible to qualified individuals from other countries in the region.

AUA opened as a graduate school with three Master’s programs and undergraduate programs were introduced in 2013. Today, AUA has nine Master’s degree programs and four Bachelor’s degree programs. The first cohort from the Master’s programs graduated in 1993 and the first cohort from the Bachelor’s programs graduated in 2017. The interaction between faculty members and students is based on intellectual openness and students are encouraged to chart, critically and creatively, their individual paths of understanding and to pursue diversity in knowledge. More info on the University and its programs can be reached at aua.am.

Why should I want to study in Armenia?
  • The Economist named Armenia as its country of the year 2018.
  • Armenia is a safe country with low cost of living and eating.
  • Armenia is where you will experience the intersection of busting nightlife and rich history and culture. Here, you’ll find yourself in the center of a boiling pot where all possible options are available.

More info on AUA and Armenia can be found here.