WHAT - 2 Week intensive course providing all the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to boost your switch to Data Science Career

WHEN/WHERE - July 1-14, 2019 / American University of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

WHO - Everyone, both International and Armenian applicants, who have been thinking to turn to Data Science Career for some time now (we are asking some basic calculus skills though)

LANGUAGE - English (it’s an international school:)

WHO’s TEACHING - Leading Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence professionals and academicians both Armenian and International



Students in Armenia $250 ≈ 125,000 AMD
Professionals in Armenia $350 ≈ 175,000 AMD
International students and professionals $450 ≈ 225,000 AMD
Current enrolled AUA students will receive a discount of 32% (equivalent of 40,000AMD) from the price mentioned in the table.
AUA alumni will receive a discount of 28% (equivalent of 50,000AMD) from the price mentioned in the table.
The participation fees are presented in the table below. The bank will charge the equivalent of the mentioned amount of AMD based on the exchange rate of the day. Please note that the participation fee does not include accommodation or meals. To get advice on accommodation or inquire about available discounts and scholarships, please contact us  


The goal of the Summer School is to give practice-oriented knowledge in the field of Data Science. The first four days cover topics such as data science with Python, machine learning, and statistical inference. The remaining days offer relevant electives in data science and cover topics such as natural language processing, time series forecasting, and Bayesian Statistics, among others. The final stage of the program is substantially dedicated to project work which will help the participants  implement and approbate the previously obtained knowledge and skills. The project topics are elaborated by Summer School lecturers, representatives of IT companies, and other partner organizations.

The course will earn you 3 Credits (US) (equals 6 ECTS). A certificate approved by the college dean can be provided upon request.


Please, take a minute to watch some of our animations demonstrating applications of Data Science in various industries that we developed for our Bachelors Program in Data Science.