Mr. Marcin Kosiński

Poland, Statistician at Gradient Metrics LLC

Marcin Kosiński has a master degree in Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis. He is a challenges seeker and devoted R language enthusiast. In the past, he was keen on the field of large-scale online learning and various approaches to personalized news article recommendation. Marcin is a co-organizer of the +1600 members R Enthusiasts meetups in Warsaw and the main organizer of the Polish R Users Conference 2017 and 2018 (‘Why R? 2017’ He is interested in R packages development and survival analysis models. He worked as a subject matter expert at +3000 members Data Crunchers Online R Course at The Warsaw School of Data Analysis. Currently Marcin explores and improves methods for quantitative marketing analyses and global surveys at Gradient Metrics.

Fields of Interest – Churn Analysis

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