Dr. Anastasios Noulas

USA, Assistant Professor and Faculty Fellow, Center of Data Science, New York University

Anastasios Noulas completed his PhD in 2013 in the Network and Operating Systems group at the Computer Laboratory in the University of Cambridge.  His main research interests include human mobility modelling, social network analysis, location-based services and disruptive technologies. During his PhD he has published at top-tier conferences and journals in the fields of data mining, online socialsystems and user behaviour modelling, combining machine learning and complex systems techniques. Prior to joining New York University, Anastasios was also a Data Scientist at Foursquare Labs in New Yorkand Telefonica Research, Madrid. Over the past years he has collaborated with a number of Startups including retail analytics provider PiinPoint, whereas in 2015 he has teamed up with researchers in Cambridge and Belgium to launch the OpenStreetCab project.
Anastasios  is a Assistant Professor and a Faculty Fellow at the Center of Data Science, New York University. 
Fields of Interest – Human Mobility, Location Intelligence,  Urban Systems 
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